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Bake at Home Savoury Products

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Bacon & Cheese Turnover 125g Unbaked x 10

Deliciously tasty bacon & cheese wrapped in a light flaky pasty. Oven cook in about 25 minutes

Bramley Apple Pie to Bake at Home - Family Size 450g

A sweet shortcrust pastry with sliced Bramley apple filling

Cheese Twist 90g x 5

All butter pastry twist with cheese and Dijon mustard filling

Chunky Pork & Chorizo Sausage Roll 10 x 204g

Spanish Chorizo and Red Peppers, wrapped in a puff pastry

Chunky Pork & Smokey Bacon Sausage Roll 10 x 204g

Dry cured smoked bacon sausage meat wrapped in a puff pastry

Hand Raised Pork Pie (Fully Baked) 185g

Fully baked pork pie to share, simply defrost & serve

Portuguese Egg Custard Tart x 6

Delicious Egg Custard in a light crisp pastry case

Rowes Unbaked Frozen Cornish Pasties box sizes
From: £28.50
Medium Steak Pasty 350g x 15
Large Steak 500g x 12
We supply a great range of unbaked frozen products, ready for you to bake from frozen at home. Our delicious pasties come from bakeries in Cornwall & Devon.